Holiness Off the Bay

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You thunderheads from off the bay,

give glory to God.

You mighty ones,

give glory and strength.

You black mountains of water,

give glory to Him.

Come to shore worshiping,

in the beauty of holiness,

in thunderhead holiness.


The voice of the Lord is on the waters

the God of glory thunders — echo Him!

The Lord is on many waters.


The voice of the Lord is powerful,

The voice of the Lord is full of majesty

The voice of the Lord makes landfall,

and shatters the cedars,

and blows them to kindling.

Black mountains of rock

skip like a calf

as the lightening strobes.


The mountains rear like an angry unicorn,

but cannot fight the sky.

The voice of the Lord divides the bolt of fire

The voice of the Lord

shakes the wasteland,

far to the south.


The voice of the Lord frightens the deer,

and they give birth in panic.

His voice tumbles down through the forests.

In His temple, we all speak of glory,

but what do we know of it?


The Lord sits on the flood,

enthroned there as King for ever.

Lord of lords, storm God of storm gods.

The Lord will give this holiness to His people

The Lord will bless his people with peace.

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