The Last Easter

Easter is, as most people know, a celebration of Christ returning from the dead. But this was not just an odd, one-off miracle. We cannot say that Jesus rose from the dead, but that strange things happen from time to time, and then go back to our old world. The old world isn’t there any more. In other words, the Scriptures teach us that the resurrection transformed Jesus. He used to be mortal, but now that He is raised, He is clothed with immortality. Jesus is different because He was raised. But there is something else that we must take care not to miss. Not only is Jesus different because He was raised, but the whole world is different because someone came back from the dead in it.

This means that the world is gradually being transformed. Picture the world as a sheet of paper, and the resurrection of Jesus as a small spark, lighting just one corner of it. As time passes, that fire spreads. In this analogy, everlasting life is that fire. We rightly celebrate how great Easter is, and we can easily think that the first Easter was the greatest one, because that was the day Jesus came back from the tomb. But the greatest Easter will be the very last one, when the whole world is finally ablaze with His everlasting life, and all the dead shall rise.

Since the day Jesus rose, every Easter has been greater than the one before it. This is why we would like to invite you to come worship with us.

Theology That Bites Back



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  • Fred Funk

    I know this is the wrong place to ask, but can’t find a “right” place. Would it be possible to make it easier to link to, or share, the  Illage Vidiots “Science Fiction” video. I think the video is superb, but by the time I have described how to get to it, the message gets lost.

  • Aaron Richmond

    Howdy, Fred. If you maximize any of the Illage Vidiots videos, you should see a heart button and a paper airplane button on the top right. The paper airplane is for sharing and clicking on that will give you a link and some options.
    Or, probably easier, here’s a direct link to ‘Science Fiction’: