Hypocrites Don’t Care . . .

The Lord Jesus warned us about the sin against the Holy Spirit, a sin that could not be forgiven (Matt. 12:31). We are approaching a Table laden with forgiveness, and some tender believers worry about whether they have a right to come, whether they have a right to be here.

Before considering what that sin might be, let us take a very important moment to recognize what it cannot be. There are hypocrites who are utterly deceived about their condition, but one of their most notable characteristics is that they do not worry about this possibility. There are those who have been guilty of the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit—these are those who don’t care about whether they have or not. So one of the distinguishing marks of those who cannot have fallen into this sin is the feature of worrying that you might have fallen into it. Hypocrites don’t care about whether or not they are hypocrites—that is why they are.

So what is the sin of blaspheming against the Spirit? In context, Jesus had been accused of casting out demons by the spirit of the devil. In other words, His accusers had fallen into the sin of completely inverting the categories of righteousness and unrighteousness, saying that God was the devil, and, by implication, that the devil was God. But even here, Jesus doesn’t say that they had committed that sin, but He does warn them that they are getting close. There comes a point where that inversion hardens completely, and the sin is everlastingly committed. There is perpetual lack of forgiveness because there is perpetual sin.

But you? You confessed your sin earlier this week, right after you committed it. You confessed your sin honestly and fully at the beginning of this service. You were cleansed, and ushered into the presence of God. And now, just in case, you acknowledge your fallenness and faults—you have let it all go. You trust in the broken body and shed blood of Jesus Christ, and in that alone.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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