A Strong Smell of Sulphur About It

The apostle Paul does not talk about Hell by name, but we should not draw the wrong conclusions from that. The concept is certainly there. For example, in one place he talks about those who subscribe to magazines calle Me, Self, or Gimme (Rom. 2:8, ESV). They are self-absorbed and give themselves over to unrighteousness. For those who live this way Paul says there will be “wrath and fury.”

Fury? After all the necessary disclaimers, disclaimers that let us know that in the Final Judgment God does not fly off the handle or lose all sense of proportion, the fact remains that God is furious, and He treats people in line with that fury. God does not sin in His anger (as we so frequently do), but this does not make His anger any easier to deal with.

Our nation is in dire need of reformation and revival, and those who are praying for this to come to pass need to swing for the fence. Those who preen themselves on the public stage will not be noozled into the kingdom. Just as Jesus told His disciples that a certain kind of demon would not respond to anything but prayer and fasting, so also a certain kind of spiritual declension will not respond to anything but a gospel message that has the strong smell of sulphur about it.

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