Sitting on the Kitchen Floor

All right, so if you come here often, you may have noticed things look a little bit different. I just moved from Joomla to WordPress, and boxes are still everywhere. Please pardon the clutter, especially in the categories over on the right. I am still learning the tags thing, and not very well I might add. But the best way to make sure a move like this happens is just to do it. So here we are, eating pizza and sitting on the kitchen floor.

Comments should be much easier for you to make now, and there will be other benefits as well, which I will announce as they get figured out.

  • Rob Steele

    Woo hoo! Nice digs.

  • Eric Stampher

    May sound kiss-butt but I’d pay for a Mablog app.
    Mainly, I need the latest content pushed to me.
    Do you have something / somewhere where a guy can sign up so and see every bit of new blogulations?

  • Matt Hoover

    Looks nice. I hope that one of those other unspecified benefits is that we’ll get some more pungent posts on Obama, the IRS, etc.

  • Valerie (Kyriosity)

    I had heard this was coming, but still…what a fun surprise. Huzzah!

  • Valerie (Kyriosity)

    But…are all the old comments gone? That’d be a sad loss.

  • Valerie (Kyriosity)

    Suggestion: Less space between the items in the section menu at the top. For those of us with older eyes who bump up the type size on the page, the line wraps. Centering isn’t important there.

  • Valerie (Kyriosity)

    One more opinion (and they’re all free of charge! fancy that!): Threading on comments isn’t the best option here. On a post with 60 comments, if the count goes up to 61, finding the newbie is a hassle if it’s not right there at the end.

  • Todd

    Please increase the font size.

  • Gianni

    Valerie, you are right as always, and I especially second your suggestion about the threading, precisely for the reason you mention. There simply should not be any option to “reply” to a message. The last comment should always be the newest comment. If someone wants to “reply” to a certain person, he will make that clear. That is the way things used to be over here, and introducing the threading only added confusion and discouraged in-depth conversations.

    I also share your concern for the old comments. Have they really gone for good? I hope they are in the “boxes” that are “still everywhere”. After all, something must be in those boxes, right?

    Other than that, I like the new look!

  • Joy

    Change is good. Rearranging categories and updating formats is like mopping behind your stove and rearranging the pictures on your fridge – it should happen every year or two. A thought as you head that direction: some color contrast would be nice. It’s a little hard on the eyes right now.

  • Vega

    A suggestion: I miss the option of saving your posts as PDF files. Can this be implemented? Yes, I do save a substantial amount of your writing, because they are worth lots of rereading.
    Thank you!