Lift Up Your Heads

The earth belongs to God!

     All it contains is only His

     And all who breathe are His as well.

What is His right to speak this way?

     He fashioned all that is,

     He placed it on the seas.


Who can ascend before His throne?

     Who can come before His face,

     Or stand within His holy place?

Stretch out your hands—

     have they been washed?

Hold up your heart—

     defiled or clean?

Lift up your soul—

     does it belong to God alone?

     and not to vanity?

Hold out your tongue—

     is it pitched with lies?

Salvation comes through Christ the Lord,

      The only one who passed this test.


Lift up your heads, you ancient doors,

     The King of glory enters in.

Who is this king? the herald asks.

     The Lord is king, and strength is His.

     The Lord has won the ancient war.

Lift up your heads, you ancient gates,

     The King of glory enters in.

Who is this king? the watchman asks.

     The God of battles is the King.

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