Grabby Grabby

In this our financial crisis, an archbishop has stepped forward to thunder out a message of selective repentance. The meltdown has led him to observe, and it was a pretty fair shot too, that a lot of people out there were worshipping a lot of money. Look where that got us, hey? But then he says that repentance will mean a willingness to have our taxes raised. Well, as the fellow said, you should just hush my puppies.

Looks like somebody doesn’t have to repent of its never-ending, oleaginous, grasping, oily, unctuous ways. No, the government can suck up money like a vacuum cleaner with super powers, and trillions of dollars were just so many popcorn crumbs on the carpet. And no matter how much money they gather in their perennial game of grabby grabby, it is always seen as a mark of compassion for them to do so. As I remarked in another post, when Anglican archbishops understand economics, can the child and the cobra be far behind?

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