Third Installment of the Hitchens/Wilson Debate

It has been very interesting to follow some of the blog buzz over the debate I am having with Christopher Hitchens. Speaking of that debate, the third installment is now posted here.

Christian bloggers have been generally very happy about the whole thing. But the Christians who have been dubious about the whole enterprise can be categorized in three distinct groups. One is wary because I am a die-hard creationist. It would be better to have someone who was not as “sectarian” as that to oppose someone like Hitchens. The second group, not surprisingly, is a subset of the anti-FV contingent. They don’t want the kingdom to advance against atheism if it is to be done by someone who parses the solas the same way they do, but with a funny accent. And the third arena of concern has been in the pomo-emergent hipper-than-thou group. Interestingly, the same criticism has arisen in both the anti-FV and pomo-emergent groups, to wit, that I am out of my league trying to take on an urbane man of the world like Hitchens. Gotta work on how I hold that cigarette.

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