Irrelevant Details

I had seen on Richard Dawkins’ blog that he was going to be on the O’Reilly Factor, which he in fact was. He and Bill skirmished, as could have been predicted, and I only want to say one thing about it. O’Reilly brought up Stalin and Hitler, good job, and Dawkins pointed out that both men had mustaches. We don’t want to say that facial hair is the cause of genocide, do we?

Nope. According to atheism, we only identify the worldview of bad actors with their bad acts if that worldview involves any kind of belief in God. In short, if there was someone as wicked as Stalin who thought that God was going to hold him accountable for every evil deed, that person would obviously be motivated by his religion. (!) But if he believed that he was going to get away with absolutely everything, that would be what Dawkins would call an irrelevant detail.

In the meantime, alarmed by the influx of Muslims (who do not give the condom sacramental status as do the secularists), European unbelievers have learned how to sit up in bed and make noises that they believe to be war cries. But they are nothing but death rattles, capable only of startling the nurses.

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