Hitchens Liked the Cheese

Christopher Hitchens was kind enough to provide me with my first appearance in Vanity Fair — no, not Bunyan’s, but a lot like it. He wrote an article for them that reviewed his book promo work over the last few months, and you can read that article here. I don’t know why he’s flogging the sales of the book so hard — the book clearly exhibits design, and we have all learned by now that if something exhibits design only an idiot will think that somebody wrote it. But I am veering off to the argument again.

By linking to this page, by the way, I am not applauding the semi-attire of whoever that is looking gorgeous in an epidermal circus off on the side.

Some of the insights that Hitchens makes along the way are pretty informative. I particularly have in mind his comments on a certain response from Mark Roberts, and his insight into the haplessness of the Archbishop of C. But at the conclusion of his article, he brings me into it.

The Christianity Today Web site, which has hosted me in an online debate with its champion Douglas Wilson for the past two months, writes to say that Mr. Wilson wants to send me a wheel of Washington State cheese, as a token of appreciation. A nice surprise. Blessed are the cheese-makers.

To be more specific, it was a wheel of Cougar Gold, which is the really good stuff. You can get some here if you like.

But since we are talking about atheism again, allow me to mention some good news on that front. Canon Press still has some of the hardbacks of my reply to Sam Harris left, but other than a few small reservoirs like that, American Vision has sold out of the first printing, and the second printing is now out in paperback for $8.95, which you can get from them. If we go to a third printing, I hear rumors that there will be no cover on it at all. Not really.

It looks just like this, only in paper.

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