Another Potent Reply

If you are on an atheist jag as I am (and why shouldn’t you be?), you really ought to get The Return of the Village Atheist. American Vision published it at the same time they published my Letter from a Christian Citizen. I got my copy the other day, and just finished it last night. It is also a response to Sam Harris’ book, and while there are just a few areas where our responses overlap, for the most part Joel McDurmon addresses different problems with Harris, or the same problems in a different but equally effective way. This book is another potent answer to Harris.

One example. McDurmon points out that Harris doesn’t understand the arguments of Intelligent Design, just as I did, but he goes on to juxtapose Harris’ apparent ignorance of the irreducible complexity argument with Darwin’s clear anticipation of that argument. “Since Darwin himself anticipated the ID argument as a full refutation of his theory,” then it is not possible for Harris to say it is mere “religious advocacy masquerading as science,” unless of course Harris believes that Darwin thought his theory was so rickety that it could be overthrown by something as flimsy as religious opinions (p. 65).

There are some other devastating arguments here as well. If this subject interests you at all, this book will interest you a great deal.

Theology That Bites Back



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