The Bond of Holiness

Book 3/Chapter 6

Christian life (section 1)

1. What is the object of regeneration?

2. What is one danger for those who heartily repent?

3. What is different between the teaching of the Holy Spirit and the teaching of moral philosophers?

Two main aspects (section 2)

1. What are the two main aspects of scriptural instruction?

2. What is the nature of our bond with God?

The strongest motive (section 3)

1. What is the strongest motive to the Christian life?

2. Why must we not disfigure ourselves with sin?

Spurious Christians (section 4)

1. What group does Calvin upbraid in this section?

2. Who only has true intercourse with Christ?

No perfectionism (section 5)

1. Why does Calvin not withhold the name of Christian from those who have not attained to an evangelical perfection?

2. What should we not be discouraged by?

These are the questions for the readings for Thursday, June 11, and those readings can be found here.

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