Okay, Don’t Panic . . .

I am on the hunt for themes that don’t mess up your comments through nigh impossible paragraph breaks. Many of you are already irritated enough when you first start to comment, and the fact that the old theme turns your lucid prose into a slab of granite irritates you further. I will probably go back to the old theme in a little bit, but in the meantime, could you test the comments box for me? Donkeyshins, as we say in Germany.

N.B. Thanks everybody. Back to the old way, but we are closing in on it.

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22 thoughts on “Okay, Don’t Panic . . .

  1. <p>Replete with nifty code<br/>
    This poem marches on<br/>
    Like an distant child of Spode<br/>
     All formatted, exact and wrong</p>
    <p>A new paragraph should begin here.</p><br/><br/><br/><a href=”www.dougwils.com”>Home</a>

  2. Quote by James Wanliss, <i> Resisting the Green Dragon</i> <blockquote>Man and coyote both eat chickens. But the more coyotes the fewer chickens, while the more men the more chickens.</blockquote>

  3. Previous was using hypertext tags. This time using the combox buttons.

    The left leaning Christian frequently mistakes God’s condemnation of unrighteous behaviour with vices that should be criminalised.

  4. Pasting formatting from elsewhere. Bullets
    His approach to Scripture is that it is always true, though there may be problems at the level of

    Manuscript quality
    Translation accuracy
    Personal interpretation

    Numbers (and some italics)
    Here’s the proper way to evaluate an analogy:

    Ask this question: Does the person making the analogy between X and Y explain the respect in which he or she claims that X and Y are similar?
    If not, ask the person to clarify that point.
    If so, think about whether X and Y are indeed similar in the respect specified. If so, the analogy is legitimate. If not, the analogy fails.
    Feel free at this point to pursue other questions about the analogy, e.g., whether even if legitimate it identifies an important similarity, or whether the analogy does the intellectual work its maker thinks it does.

  5. Mr. Wilson I’d like to submit that I’d prefer to have everyone’s comments as unreadable as possible. I think paragraph breaks are a dastardly modern invention and I can hardly fathom that one such as yourself would capitulate to the fragmenting of sentences in the same way to much of the church has capitulated to the fragmentation of postmodernism. Does not the Bible say that we are all “one in Christ”? I await your repentance on this issue.

  6. Bold Italic Underlined. Italic Underlined. Strikethrough. Link 


    Return then unblockquote.

    Invisible Pink Unicorn.

    Just kidding. All this with use of the available buttons, without use of HTML tags.

  7. Testing, Testing. Wilson secretly wears women’s clothing. Testing testing. Wilson’s bearded face looks like a donkey’s butt. Testing Testing. Wilson hasn’t changed his underwear in three weeks. Testing Testing. 

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