Death by Living Trailer

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8 comments on “Death by Living Trailer

  1. Nepotism. (Sigh)

  2. Awesome. Loved the book and video for ‘Notes’ and loving this book as well. Nate gives inspiring biblical lenses to view the world. I thank him very much for his work.

  3. Wait for it — a little bonus audio from dad a few seconds after the video fades to black

  4. I loved both books! Cheers and thanks to Nate for signing all those copies! :)

    And, Roy, I hope that was a joke…if not…that’s just sad. And kind of ironic given the topic of Notes and Death by Living.

  5. Most certainly a joke. Irony noted.

  6. […] HT: Douglas Wilson. […]

  7. Glad it was a joke :D

  8. […] Here is a trailer for N.D. Wilson’s Death By Living […]

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