Death by Living Trailer

Theology That Bites Back



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  • Roy

    Nepotism. (Sigh)

  • Chadd

    Awesome. Loved the book and video for ‘Notes’ and loving this book as well. Nate gives inspiring biblical lenses to view the world. I thank him very much for his work.

  • Eric Stampher

    Wait for it — a little bonus audio from dad a few seconds after the video fades to black

  • Kimberley

    I loved both books! Cheers and thanks to Nate for signing all those copies! :)

    And, Roy, I hope that was a joke…if not…that’s just sad. And kind of ironic given the topic of Notes and Death by Living.

  • Roy

    Most certainly a joke. Irony noted.

  • Kimberley

    Glad it was a joke :D