Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

So welcome to the new digs. After we moved from Joomla to WordPress, we found out that the theme we had selected had some corrupt code in the header — which is why the web site kept going ashes, ashes, we all fall down, like it was a little kid or something. There will still be adjustments in appearance, and some arrangement, but we are close to being done.

Here are a few things to help orient you.

You will notice that most of the items in the menu bar across the top are not yet populated. But that’s coming, say I. So’s Christmas, some of you might reply, but that would be rude and unwarranted and you should be ashamed.

Some of you have lamented the loss of the comments from the old site, but they are not lost. We still have them in a box somewhere, and when we carve out space and time for somebody to do the donkey work of transferring them, we can still do that. But — let us be frank — that is not on the front burner just yet.

Moving to WordPress meant a different approach to categories, and what has happened is this — a bunch of the old categories have been converted to tags, while some of the old categories remain categories. Just jump in there and mill about confusedly.

You will please notice on the right sidebar an opportunity to sign up for Canon Press news. This little sleeper feature is actually the big noise. This will be made plain in the box itself in the near future, but the basic deal is this. Anyone who signs up for Canon Press updates in that space will start getting free content on a monthly basis. This content will be e-books for the most part, but I would not put it past us to send our content in other forms from time to time. And these will be books and so on that are generally not available elsewhere.

Then last, you should also note a smart phone app logo up there, with a DW on it. This means that if you have a smart phone, you can sign up for it, and have Mablog right at your fingertips. Just think, you are there, standing in the line at the post office, and there are six people ahead of you, and they all look like stamp collectors who want to browse while they chat lazily with the post office personnel serving them. All you have to do is haul out your phone, tap on that icon, and whee! you are in the middle of a fight with Rachel Held Evans.

Thanks for your attention, and there is more info on that app below — in the previous post.

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45 comments on “Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

  1. You could increase the comments on the right to 10 or 20? Perhaps?

  2. Is a blogroll on the list?

  3. Testing a comment from within the app. Says I’ll get notifications of new comments. Remind me to “uncheck” that option if you’re writing something about RHE, or my phone will buzz right across the desk all morning :)

  4. Also, get the app folks! It’s all shiny!

  5. Bethyada, good idea. Jane, that is likely coming also.

    Everybody else, please feel free to leave your bright ideas in this space.

  6. This is a test to see.

    If the comment section will retain.

    The breaks between my sentences.

    And, if not.

    I would think that should be addressed.

    Because there’s nothing quite as frustrating as a giant run-on paragraph.

    If, on the other hand.

    These breaks are maintained.

    My comment is to keep up the good work!

  7. So…um. Request. Please change the comments so that they retain paragraph breaks. Thanks much!

  8. If you boosted the font size up to 16 and the line height up to 25 it would really make the articles pop.

  9. Thirded on the request for paragraph breaks.

  10. Test to see if paragraphics with with HTML markup.
    New paragraph?

    we shall see…

  11. I’m just happy that posts can now include the word union. :-)

  12. Katecho, now we can tell that joke about how you can tell the difference between a chemist and a plumber.

  13. Well, as long as you’re taking requests….

    Previous/Next buttons on individual posts.

  14. test.
    any paragraph breaks yet?
    maybe now?

    or now?

  15. maybe I can simulate a paragraph break…



  16. one last test

    of simulated paragraph breaks.

  17. Looks like an empty [blockquote] tag can be used as a poor man’s paragraph break.

  18. Android in the future?

  19. I am appeased.

    As previously noted, I can’t get apps because I don’t have a smartphone, and I can’t get a smartphone because I don’t have a job.

    On the plus side, not having a job allows me more than my share of unproductive time, so donkey work is right up my alley. If you need references, I’m sure I could find many to testify re my proficiency at making an ass of myself.

  20. paragraph experiment
    number 1

  21. experiment
    number 2

  22. test number

  23. test number

  24. Wha’dja do?! Wha’dja do?!

  25. test number

  26. It’s just 150 (or more) non-breaking spaces.
    You can highlight the line between one of my paragraphs by double clicking on it.  Copy it, and then paste it in your own comments wherever you want a paragraph break.
    Unfortunately, the technique still won’t allow proper formatting of poetry, etc.

  27. test number


  28. test

  29. test

  30. testnumber9

  31. test

  32. test

  33. test

  34. testnumber13

  35. testnumber14

  36. test</br>numberabc15

  37. test

  38. test                                                                                                                                                     

  39. test

  40. test

  41. test                                                                                                                                                      

  42. test                                                                                                                                                      

  43. test                                                                                                                                                     

  44. test                                                                                                                                                     

  45. ok                                                                                                                                                     
    I’m done

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