The First Meal

The Lord’s Supper is the first meal and it is the last meal, because it is the meal that memorializes the Lord Jesus, revealed to us as the Alpha and the Omega, the First and Last. The first food available to our parents in Eden was eaten in communion with God, particularly the tree of life, identified with our salvation throughout Scripture—and Jesus Christ is our salvation. The first food eaten on the moon was a communion meal, taken there by Buzz Aldrin. And the first real food that you ever received was bread and wine, the meal that is before you now.

The last meal is the wedding supper of the Lamb, and we are all looking forward to that as the culmination of all meals. This meal, taken in time and in history, embodies the reality of already/not yet. God has given us Himself in salvation, and we long for the day when He will reveal Himself in our salvation.

But from beginning to end, that salvation will be accompanied by, and escorted by, food and drink. God does not offer you a detached or abstracted salvation. He saves His people in time, in history, and through the Incarnation He has declared Himself—beyond any possibility of refutation—to be the material God. God created stuff. He pronounced it all good. James tells us that the body without the spirit is dead; he does not tell us the spirit doesn’t need the body—just the reverse. So come in faith, remembering that your faith quickens what is happening in this material realm. And since we are to live by faith from first to last, we come to this meal by faith, from first to last.