Spiritual Bread, Spiritual Wine

This bread is spiritual bread, and this wine is spiritual wine. But it is not spiritual in the sense that the bread and wine are somehow ethereal or non-real. The bread and wine before us is recognizably bread and wine. So what do we mean by considering it spiritual food? When Paul says that in the resurrection we will have a spiritual body, he does not mean that we will have no body—rather he means that our bodies will be fully animated by the Spirit. The Spirit quickens, enlivens, and animates our bodies. Physical things are spiritual when the Spirit works with them. And they are spiritual without ceasing to be what they are.

In the same way, we believe that we are gathered here in worship through the power of the Spirit, and that when He gathers us, He does not do this just to release us unchanged an hour and a half later. He gathers us in order to bring us into the heavenly places . . . where Christ is enthroned. The Spirit gathers us in such a way, as that by the means of eating and drinking physical bread and wine, we are privileged to partake of Christ.

He is not doing a miracle in the bread or to the wine. He is using the bread and wine to do the miracle in us. We are the bread that is changed. We are the wine of life. We are the body of Christ, Paul teaches. The Holy Spirit is sovereign over all of this, and He is accomplishing great things here in us. So as you come in true evangelical faith, realize that you are partaking of Christ, and you are being transformed as you do. So come, and welcome.