Not a Tiny Works Club

Partaking of the bread and wine is a privilege that our children grow up with. It is our practice to come to this Table with our little ones.

This is of course a debate matter in the broader Christian world, and one of the things we should do because of this is guard ourselves at all those places where those who differ with us have a point.

In other words, when someone says that bringing little ones to the Table will make them take it for granted, making it a dull routine, your response should not be to say phhhttt. Your response should be to pray to God that this might not happen in your family, and to encourage your children to receive the elements with gladness and joy. And this exhortation will of course fall to the ground unless you are receiving the elements with gladness and joy.

If someone says that this will make your children think that being a member of the Christian church is a low bar affair, a tiny works club, respond by teaching your children the difference between grace and tiny works. It is not a quantitative difference; it is a qualitative difference.

If someone says that this will admit at ton of unregenerate hellions into the church, admit that that can happen, and then bring your children up, as you promised you would do that their baptisms, in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Giving them these elements in the right spirit, and with evangelical faith, is part of that nurture. So come, all of you, and welcome.