Straight Out of the Carton

“But despite the untruths involved, they nevertheless made good copy, and the editors ate it all up with a spoon, straight out of the carton. One of those editors had read some Derrida in college, and so he was good with the idea of perspectives from every which direction, especially if it made good copy” (Evangellyfish, p. 170).

Forgiveness as Transaction

“We cannot forgive those who are defiant, however much we might like to. Because forgiveness is a transaction, if someone steals your car, you can’t run down the street after them, yelling out your forgiveness” (For a Glory and a Covering, p. 95).

Ares, Aphrodite, and Hermes

A friend asked about a biblical worldview perspective on civil unions for homosexuals, and so here goes.

1. When involved in discussions about things like this, it is crucial that we think three chess moves ahead. Does anybody seriously think that adopting civil union legislation would make the pressure for homosexual marriage decrease? If we accept the legitimacy of civil unions, have we granted any premises that would make it impossible to deny a pending conclusion that we would otherwise want to deny? To ask the question is to answer it.

2. If limited like marriage (say, to a maximum of two people), then civil unions are a mockery of marriage, not marriage itself. In that case, why would any recipient of that status be satisfied with it? Homosexuality runs on envy, and you don’t make envy disappear by creating a second class shanty right next door to the nice house. And if civil unions are made utterly unlike marriage, so as to include up to six other people, say, then what would prevent heterosexual “polygamous” civil unions from springing up overnight?

3. I’ll tell you what would prevent it — the cost of the benefits packages to employers, that’s what. Health insurance, full coverage, for a man, his wife, and four concubines, would be way more expensive than the current set up.

And this brings us to one of the hidden sources of all the mischief, which is governmental regulation of the economy, including our Byzantine tax law, and excessive entanglement in things like insurance, health care, and so forth. That is what this fight is over — remember the point about envy. Homosexuals are fighting for the term marriage, but they are also fighting for the swag. And Christians, who would otherwise just let them have the civil term, and who would come back to the faithful portion of the church in order to have their “covenantal marriage” solemnized, do not do so because that would involve walking away from the benefits. In order to have the benefits at all, we are being told we must share the term marriage with homosexuals. And this means that another name for what is happening is extortion.

But the good news is that this benefits system of ours is bankrupt already. In the long run, stupidity never works. King Canute could not make the tide stay out, the Supreme Court cannot make an anus into a vagina, and Congress doesn’t have enough dye to turn their ocean of red ink black. When all is said and done, the world is what God made it, and not something else. A perverse insistence on declaring the world to be something other than what it was created to be is the prelude to catastrophe. That is where we are right now. The good news is that, like hurricanes, catastrophes pass. Those who were prepared for it (living in the brick house of biblical marriage) will be in a position to help with the rebuilding. Those who built their gay marriage grass hut on the beach will not be.

4. I will finish with a few cryptic statements, in the hope that I will be able to develop them later. Economics is sexual. Everything is connected. To accept perversion anywhere requires the acceptance of perversion everywhere. To pretend that Ares, Aphrodite, and Hermes are sovereigns of distinct realms is to capitulate to the fundamental pagan illusion, the illusion of compartmentalization.