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This small book is a poetic rendering of Isaiah 40-48. I hope you enjoy it. Below is how it starts — it has all kinds of stuff in it, chiasms and everything.


Speak gentle words and glorious comfort comes

so comfort all the wretched people here

your God has spoken all these words of grace

speak peace and comfort to Jerusalem

and call down comfort on her bended head.


what shall I speak?

what can I know?

though comfort strains to speak.


Her warfare done, and all her battles past

iniquities are pardoned fully now

for she receives from God’s own righteous hand

a double wage for all her crimson sins

and now her war is peace complete and full.


The voice of one who cries out in the wild

prepare the way so that the Lord might come

make straight a highway for our savior God

across the desert, come prepare the way

a voice that calls, that in the desert cries.


the Tishbite comes

with water comes

to cleanse and wash the dead.

And every valley shall be lifted up

and every mountain, every hill brought low

the crooked straight, the rough place plain

our mountainous pride is humbled here

the lowly stand when their salvation comes.

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