The Chicken as Portrayed in Soviet High Heroic Art

“The new product [free-range chicken] quickly caught on. The name evokes images of the open prairie, with chickens roaming about on the horizon, the wind ruffling their feathers. It is an image that could make sense only to someone who has never actually seen or touched a live chicken . . . . The idea of ‘free range’ is simply a projection of our own desires onto our food. No matter what we do, chickens will never be the rugged individualists that we would like them to be.”

Nation of Rebels, pp. 234-235

No, No, It’s Actually Consumerism . . .

“The most plausible explanation for the fact that everyone’s eating Yukon Gold potatoes is that they are really good potatoes and people like them. If the overall result is homogeneity, how can we complain? After all, in order to avoid this outcome, someone would have to get stuck eating potatoes that they don’t like.”

Nation of Rebels, p. 232

A Reasonable Point, I Think

“This is as good a place as any to insist that all the characters in Evangellyfish are fictional, and I made them up out of my own head. Any resemblance to any real people, living or dead, is their own darn fault. If they quit acting like that, the resemblance would cease immediately and we wouldn’t have to worry about it.”

Evangellyfish, front matter

The Content Cluster Muster (10.17.19)

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