Rigorous Grace

“The environment of your home should be full of grace. When you have a home filled with grace, it is not without standards. You are not introducing moral anarchy. Grace is not an amorphous, gelatinous mass. Grace has a backbone. However, when the standards are broken, the heaviest sacrifices in the work of restoration are made by the guardians of grace, not by enforcers of the law, finger-pointers, parental accusers, or people who correct in a nasal tone of self-pity”

Why Children Matter, pp. 20-21

The Content Cluster Muster (8.1.19)

Toxic Matriarchy: Toxic Matriarchy / CR WileyIt's finally here! Watch Christopher Wiley at the University of Idaho in April 2019 talk #ToxicMatriarchy. Douglas Wilson Christ Church CRF – Collegiate Reformed Fellowship由 Canon Press 发布于 2019年7月24日周三 Hot Pink Slug: There is a giant, hot pink slug that is only found in a single, isolated forest on …

Like a Float for the Tournament of Roses

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Introduction: One of the men in that Founders trailer said something like this. “If we can take a clear passage that says ‘I do not permit a woman to teach” and turn it into something like ‘I do permit a woman to teach in certain cases,’ we have gotten to the point where anything goes. There is no stopping this thing. Which is simply ...