As Any May See

“September 2003 marked a turning point in the development of Western civilization. It was the month that Adbusters magazine started accepting orders for the Block Spot Sneaker, its own signature brand of ‘subversive’ running shoes. After that day, no rational person could possibly believe that there is any tension between ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative’ culture. After that day, it became obvious to everyone that cultural rebellion, of the type epitomized by Adbusters magazine, is not a threat to the system—it is the system”

Heath and Potter, Nation of Rebels, p. 1.

The Content Cluster Muster (8.8.19)

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The Principalities and Powers Await Their Apology

Introduction: Do you want to hear what recently occurred on Facebook? Yes? Well, Joel McDurmon took the CrossPolitic guys to task over the issue of apologies, and the unmanliness of refusing to apologize. The matter in hand was the two second clip of Rachael Denhollander in the original trailer for the upcoming documentary entitled By What ...