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The Binariest of Choices

Introduction: Last Friday when I left the office to head home, I was greeted out on the sidewalk by a liberal lady (who would self-identify as an evangelical, if that helps, which it shouldn’t) who was masked up, carrying a poster that chided Christ Church for having held a joint service last Sunday. Our problem …

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The Cluster Muster

The Content Cluster Muster (07.02.20)

A Calm Photo of a Future Road, to Prepare You for the Rest: And more great photos here: A Metaphor for January 3, 2020: The Year 2020 Continues On . . .: A Walk through the Cantus Christi 2020: From Church of the Redeemer's PsalmTap Colloquium: A Walk through the Cantus Christi 2020 – Michael …

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