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The Prophecy of Micah [7]

Introduction: We are continuing to work through the consolation section of the second cycle. Each cycle consists of warning, judgment, and consolation. As this section encompasses two chapters, we are tackling it in pieces. Today we will be working through the latter half of chapter 4. In this section, God promises the restoration of Israel’s …

On Making Restitution for a Stolen Election, or, Don’t Take the Bait, Part Dos

Introduction: Somehow, someway, the results of the Maricopa election audit will become public soon. The news is likely to make a splash, provided someone doesn’t re-invade Afghanistan to keep the news from making a splash, and so I thought we ought to prepare ourselves for that splash. Among other things, I would suggest that we …

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The Cluster Muster

The Content Cluster Muster (09.16.21)

About Time: Jokes I Like to Tell: Once there were two tailors who had a shop together in New York City. One of them was an Irish Catholic and the other was a Jew. The Irish Catholic was named, naturally enough, Mick McHugh, and his Jewish partner was named Sol Bernstein. Despite their differences in …

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