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Covenant Life Together 2

Introduction: Confession of sin is a basic activity that all Christians need to understand and practice. It is the most fundamental form of spiritual housekeeping. There is no way for us to maintain covenant life together without this sort of understanding being woven into the fabric of our community. The Text: “If we say that …

Flaming Judgment

Second Thessalonians 2: Introduction: The letter of Second Thessalonians was written shortly after the first letter. The purpose of the letter was to correct certain misunderstandings that the Thessalonians had about eschatology, and some might argue, to create some new misunderstandings for us. There are some challenges here.   The Text: “Which is a manifest …

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The Cluster Muster

The Content Cluster Muster (04.15.21)

Holsterzz: A friend of mine makes holsters, and they have a great deal running. You really ought to check it out here. Jars of Pickles: “There is no meaningful distinction between men and women.”— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) April 11, 2021 Sky Above You Optional: As always, and quite consistently, more here. So Aren’t …

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