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NQNQ, RBI Stats, MVP, and the Expansion of NATO

Introduction: Actually, this is not about NATO at all. One of our post-November traditions is to give you all a peek at some of what was happening behind the scenes during the jollity that we have come to know as November. NQNQ: So this was our quinquennial year of doing this November thing. That’s a …

A Brief Introductory Glossary on the Relationship of Christians and Jews

Introduction: At a recent meeting of Knox Presbytery (CREC), we adopted two short statements on ethnic issues. These statements reflect the position of our presbytery, and were entered accordingly into our minutes. The first passed unanimously, and the second with one dissenting vote—and that was only because he believed the second one was redundant, having …

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Content Cluster Muster [12-08-22]

The Ransom Trilogy: AI-Generated Contributions: An experiment conducted by a congregant… Elon the Bunny: A Song I Really Like for Some Reason: Some Days Are Like This: Everyone Knows What He Means: On Not Taking a Hint: Jokes I Like to Tell: Father: I taught him everything I know, and he is still stupid! The …

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