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Masking and Masks: A Hypothetical Interview

Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview with The Secular Outlook, particularly since we told you that no question would be off the table. Our people did tell you that, didn’t they? They did. And thank you for the invitation. And because turn about is fair play, it is only right that no …

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152: Invisible Civilization and the Possible Bugaloo is the Christian life supposed to taste and feel and sound like? Get Angels in the Architecture today and discover the good and meaningful life that Christendom offers you:

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The Content Cluster Muster (07.30.20)

Toby’s Working on Something: Love to have you join me this September-October for a 7 week live online class on a Theology of Work: Vocation,…Posted by Toby J. Sumpter on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 Drive Me There: And according to our usual custom, more here. All About Romans: Subscribe to the podcast by searching ‘Bible Reading …

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