We may begin with my Goodreads account, which you may check out here. And in the column below, I have listed books I have written, co-authored, edited or contributed to, all in alphabetical order. You should usually get to a place where you can order it by clicking on the cover.

After Darkness Light: This book is a festschrift in honor of R.C. Sproul, containing essays from various teachers on the five points of Calvinism and the five solas of the Reformation. My contribution is on the effectual call.


Against the Church: The centrality of regeneration has to be affirmed, again and again. One of the reasons is that the world likes being unregenerate, and keeps coming up with reasons to try to stay there.

Against the Church








Angels in the Architecture: This book, written together with Doug Jones, was intended as a primer or introduction to the basic approach to Christian living in community that we were striving to establish here in Moscow. It needs revision, but it is still a very good introduction to what we are attempting.


Back to Basics: This book has four contributors on various aspects of the Reformed faith. My section is the first, in which I argue for basic Calvinism, of the sort that doesn’t wince when articulating its own positions.

Back to Basics

Basic Christian Living is a workbook, designed to help young people understand the basics of personal holiness.

Basic Christian Living




Beowulf: This is my effort to render the poem in modern English in a way that feels like the Old English.

Beowulf Book

Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies: This was a fun exercise, written together with my son Nate. All the odd stuff in there is from him. Illustrated by the fantastic Forest Dickison, this book brings logical analysis to the zoo, where it ought to spend more time.

Adorable Fallacies






Black & Tan: Anyone who has the misfortune of googling my name will have the experience of discovering a number of interesting things about me, some of them true. About ten years ago, there was a debate, of the junior high cafeteria food fight variety, involving certain things I was supposed to believe and hold about slavery, race relations, racism, etc. If anyone wants to get up to speed on that controversy, this is the book to get.

Black and Tan

Blackthorn Winter: I have written a series of books for children, historical fiction, intended to walk kids through American history as they accompany the Monroe family. This is the first of those books and is set on the Chesapeake in the early 18th century, and involves pirates and some gold.

Blackthorn Winter

Bound Only Once: This is a collection of essays that I edited, and contributed to, addressing the challenges presented by the openness of God movement.

Bound Only Once

Case for Classical Christian Education, The: The first book on classical Christian education was Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, written when Logos School was about ten years old. In the years after that, a great deal more happened, and so Crossway graciously allowed me to “put everything into one box.” This book is that box.

Case for Classical Education

Case for Covenantal Infant Baptism, The:


Case for Covenant Communion, The:

Covenant Communion

Christ and His Rivals: This is commentary on the book of Hebrews, written in the conviction that Hebrews served the early church as a New Testament Deuteronomy.

Christ and His Rivals

Collision: Christianity Today Online hosted a written debate between Christopher Hitchens and me, which was then subsequently turned into a book, found elsewhere in this list, called Is Christianity Good for the World? When that book was released, Christopher and I did a mini-release tour together in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. A camera crew followed us, and this movie is the documentary of our exchanges.


Deluded Atheist, The: This small book is a chapter-by-chapter response to Richard Dawkins’ book called The God Delusion.

Deluded Atheist

Easy Chairs Hard Words: This book should best be described as an introduction to basic Calvinism. It is written in a dialog format, as an older, experienced pastor walks through the basic issues involved with a young man who has lots of questions.

Easy Chairs Hard Words

Excused Absence: This book is intended to persuade Christian parents to take their children out of the government schools.


Father Hunger: This is a book that addresses the costs of abdicating fatherhood. Those costs are spiritual, cultural, political, economic, emotional, and more.

Father Hunger

Federal Husband:

Federal Husband

Fidelity: This book was written in the conviction that sexual purity is too important to leave it for the prudes to defend. Often what young men need is some straight talk, administered with a cricket bat.

New Fidelity

Five Cities That Ruled the World:


Forgotten Heavens, The:


Future Men:

Future Men

God Is:


God Rest Ye Merry: This is my Advent and Christmas book. It addresses why Christmas is important, how to celebrate like a Puritan, and asks the question, “How then shall we shop?”

God Rest Ye Merry

Glory and a Covering, For A: This was originally a series of 39 sermons on marriage, which one wit in our congregation described as the “40 stripes save one” series.

Glory Covering

Heaven Misplaced: This book is my foray into eschatology. Why am I optimistic about the future of our world?


Her Hand in Marriage:


Introductory Logic:


Is Christianity Good for the World?


Joy At the End of the Tether:


Letter from a Christian Citizen: This book is my answer to Sam Harris, and his Letter to a Christian Nation.


Mother Kirk:

Mother Kirk

My Life for Yours:


Omnibus I:

Omnibus I

Omnibus II:

Omnibus II

Omnibus III:

Omnibus III

Omnibus IV:

Omnibus IV

Omnibus V:

Omnibus V

Omnibus VI:

Omnibus VI

Paideia of God, The:




Primer on Worship and Reformation, A:


Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning:

Recovering Lost Tools

“Reformed” Is Not Enough:

Reformed Not Enough

Reforming Marriage:

Reforming Marriage

Repairing the Ruins: This is a collection of essays I edited (and I contributed some) on the application of classical principles to all the different subjects found in the curriculum of the average school.


Rhetoric Companion, The: This textbook is basically the curriculum for the Rhetoric class at New St. Andrews, as developed by me and Nate.

Rhetoric Companion

Rudiments of Anglo Saxon: This book is just what it sounds like — an introductory course to the basics of Anglo Saxon, designed for Christian and homeschools.

Anglo Saxon

Serrated Edge, A: Among our FAQs, one of the most common concerns our use of satire. Is that Christian? Is it okay? Our first reaction to all such questions should be, “Let’s see what the Bible says . . .”

Serrated Edge

Standing on the Promises: This book was originally one with To A Thousand Generations. I broke them into two books to make the work on parental promises available to baptists.

Standing on the Promises

Study Guide to Calvin’s Institutes, A: Just what the title might indicate — this presents study questions for each section of Calvin’s Institutes, set by set.


Susan Creek: This is the second in the Monroe family series.

Susan Creek

To A Thousand Generations: This book presents the case for covenantal infant baptism. Believe it or not, I wrote most of it while I was still a baptist, still trying to work through the issues for myself.


Two Williams: This book is the third in the historical fiction series that I have written concerning the Monroe family. The plan is to work my way through American history. We’ll see how it goes.


Untune the Sky: I suppose this makes me a published poet, but that’s not the sort of thing I put on the resumes that I send out to accounting firms.


Westminster Systematics: This book developed out of the notes I used to teach the systematics course for our Greyfriars students in their theology course. It covers everything the Westminster Confession does.

Westminster Systematics








Whatever Happened to the Reformation?


What I Learned in Narnia: This book was originally a series of talks for the kids in my church. Fun stuff.


When Shall These Things Be? I contributed one of the essays for this — on the relevance of creedalism to the question of hyper-preterism.


Why Christian Kids Need a Christian Education: This small book is an introduction to the complicated (and yet still simple) question of why it is that Christian kids should be brought as Christians.

Christian Kids

Ministers Must Be Men: This small book gives a brief explanation of the statement contained in the title. A lot is at stake with this one.

Why Ministers Must Be Men

Wordsmithy: This is my book on the writing life.