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I am pleased to (continue to) announce that we are now able to reissue some of my replies to various atheists. In this series, Street Level Apologetics, I will be taking on Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and hopefully more. The first in the series was Letter from a Christian Citizen, a reply to Sam Harris.

The second in this series is God Is, my interaction with God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens. But because I had a number of interactions with Christopher, I need to explain this one, going through what Wikipedia calls disambiguation.

I had a written debate with Christopher on the web site of Christianity Today, and which was later published as Is Christianity Good for the World? (Canon). When that book was released, Christopher and I toured together for three days, engaging in debates in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington. There was a film crew along, and my friend Darren Doane made the film Collision from what was gathered.

But in addition to all that, and what you now have the opportunity to purchase for the princely sum of one dollar, I wrote a series of blog posts that went through Christopher’s book chapter by chapter, making what I thought were trenchant observations along the way. Those posts have been assembled into this book, God Is.

So now you know.

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