For Kirk and Covenant


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Jesus taught that we should beware when all men speak well of us. Few have ever spoken well of John Knox, either in his own lifetime or in the centuries since. Was he excessively harsh and fanatical as his critics have painted him? Or was he appropriately hard and firm as his time and calling required? In For Kirk and Covenant, Douglas Wilson staunchly defends this staunch spiritual forebear, not only lauding his stalwart courage but also upholding his much-neglected gentler virtues—love, mercy, tenderness, and humility.
Originally published as part of the Leaders in Action series, this study of Knox is not a typical biography, but supplements an overview of the major events of his life with a careful look at his character and gifts. It ends by highlighting Knox’s legacy as a Reformer of Church and culture worthy of honor and emulation.
“Here lies one who neither flattered nor feared any flesh,” eulogized a friend at Knox’s burial. He sought the approval of neither commoner nor queen, but only his God.

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