Benjamin and Jessica

We are gathered here for a wedding, and if we are thinking biblically, we know that we are gathering to do something that we will have a responsibility to remember. This is because weddings and marriages are all about love, which everyone knows, but the Scriptures teach us that love is all about remembering.

In the Bible, forgetting is not something that excuses sin — it is an additional sin. Little children often try to justify themselves by saying something like “but I forgot!” Children are not the only ones who do this, and it represents a dishonest confusion. Forgetfulness is treated as a very serious sin in Scripture because at root it is a failure of love. Love remembers. Remembrance is what love wants to do. Memory is the organ of love, it produces love. Without memory, we would be utterly unable to love.

When the Bible talks about God remembering His people, it is always because He is going to show His love to them. He loves us by remembering us. And when He calls us to love Him in return, He tells us to do it by remembering Him — we are to remember His great acts of deliverance, we are to remember His statutes and laws, and we are to remember how He has revealed Himself to us in the gospel of grace. Remember your God.

There are many, but here is just one example. In Deuteronomy 6, we find the great exhortation to love God with all our heart, soul, and strength. Jesus points to this as the greatest commandment to be found anywhere in Scripture. But when we consider how it says this command is to be kept, we find that without remembrance it would be impossible. You are to talk about the word of God with your children when you walk along the road, when you lie down, and when you rise up. But you can’t do this if you forgot about it. Memory is key. And we see this just a few verses later, when God anchors the whole point for them – He says, beware, lest you forget the Lord (Dt. 6:12).

Scott and Kristen

If a marriage can be compared to a house, then a wedding can be compared to the front doorway of that same house. Because this is such a joyful time for all, it is not surprising that our custom is to have a good time decorating this doorway. Hence the ceremony, the bride’s dress, the ritual that we perform when we witness the exchange of vows, and so forth. But the fact that this ceremony is decorative does not mean that it is merely decorative.

Scott and Kristen, because you are both followers of Christ, it is obvious that you want your house — your marriage — to be Christian. This shows up in some of the ways you have prepared and planned this wedding. We have prayed in Jesus’ name, I am going to be exhorting you from the Scriptures, and so on. Such words are very important, but I want to speak today on the importance of the life that undergirds all such words. Jesus did not say that they will know we are Christians because we talk so much, but rather that they will know we are His followers by our love. What might that mean?